We are pleased to offer our customers the following advantages in working with us. We are driven by our commitment to exceeding your expectations as being a globally recognized company in the highest quality circular saw blade manufacturing:

Experience and Reliability

Since 1980, we have continually developed and applied technical expertise, highest degree of professional customer relations, the latest technology, fast-response and production times, and highly skilled employees to serving our customers optimally. This has made us one of the world's leading companies in the saw blade sector. We take great pride in the long-term relationships we have formed globally and in delivering high customer service and superb performing products that exceed expectations.

Quality Packaging

To ensure that our finished products reach you in great condition without damage, we use durable, reinforced packaging and high quality wood pallets and crates.

Fast&On Time Deliveries

We fully realize our customers expect products delivered on time or earlier. To meet your expectations, we always stock 1500 tons of raw materials, keep our machinery well maintained, and rely on our experienced employees working on an around-the-clock production schedule and reliable reputable freight shipping companies.

Product Variety

Asbilek offers a wide range of products including hard to find specialty dimensions.

Global Representatives

In addition to its Istanbul corporate offices, we have highly experienced representatives in the USA, dedicated to serving you conveniently with expertise. Asbilek looks forward to exceeding your needs and adding your company to our list of satisfied customers around the world.