Environmental Policy Of Asbilek

A sbilek LTD.CO. , as a producer of circular saw blades , targeting minimizing the waste products and if it's possible, recycling of them , as an environmental policy.
Additionally, our company aims the protection of the environment , by providing continous progress , by elimination of the negative effects of the products produced and the processes used for the production steps.
In order to reach the aim, it is promised that:Environmental management system is applied , examined, continously improved , All the confirmed international rules about environment , all the national rules and measures are respected, All the technological developments and publications are followed in order to prevent the pollution of the environment and to stave off of the waste products which have no way to recyle them, Environmental perpormance is continously developed and the requirements to use the natural resources are decreased, Our environmental policy is announced to our workers, customers and suppliers and by this way , concious about the environment is set up, In order to reach the aims about the environmental protection , periodical reviews are applied .