Hot & Friction Saw Blades

Large Blades
       Large Hot and Cold Circular Friction Saw Blades


       Steel tubes, profiles, angles, rails,billets,slabs and structural sections.

       Medium and larger diameter cold circular saw blades are generally used under 250 C for cold        cutting of multi pieces of carbon and alloyed steels.

       Due to the tooth pitch being shorter, during cutting, friction develops heat. Therefore, pressurized        cooling is necessary for teeth cleaning.

       Medium and bigger diameter hot saw blades are designed for cutting above 750 C.The difference is        the longer tooth pitch for these types of blades.

       In general,the diameter of them is between 1200 to 2100mm ( 47,24"-82,68").The standard steel        types used are 46Mn7,51Mn7 and C60.In addition to these, ASBİLEK developed a special alloyed        steel quality which provides minimized crack sensitivity and longer life for blades.

Diameter-mm  Thicknesses-mm Number of teeth Tooth pitch
1200 8  Number of teeth and pitch determined the machine used and material to be cut.
1460 10
1600 10
1800 12
2000 12-14
2100 14-15