Hot and Friction Saw Blades

Methods By Asbilek
     Methods By Asbilek

     Methods Developed ASBİLEK, PrpvidingIncrease in Service Life of Blades:

     Tooth Tip Hardening :

     • ASBİLEK is using the most  advanced technology for toothtip hardening  the full automatic      induction machine.
     • Tooth tips are hardened induction, depending on the type of the material and the aimed hardness      (55±3HRC) in a ratio of 2/3 of the teeth, the aid of optical tem persture depth cannot be obtained      sensitively.
     • the induction hardening method, the tooth dips and the body of the blede are not exposed to ehat      input. Therefore, the risks of cracking and the brake out of the blades are minimized. This elongation       of the life of the saw blade.

     Hardness of the Body:

     In ASBİLEK, there are big heat treatment furnaces (for hardening) and tempering furnaces. the heat      treatment, the hardness of the body of the saw blades are to be optimized to 35(±3)HRC. So, the      body gets more stronger, more resistant to impacts and this treatment, the residual stresses are to      be eliminated.