Laser Cutting

Since 2000, we have been using Trumph brand laser machinery and now have 4 laser cutting machines in our factory.


Heat-Treatment and Annealing

Heat treating is undoubtedly a critical process in manufacturing high quality blades. Our years of experience plays an important role in the precise control of our furnaces.


Grinding Operations

We continue to gain the appreciation of our global customers with our consistently smooth, high quality gloss surface finishing. This is a result of our use of the highest technology in grinding machines and wheels to ensure your satisfaction.


Correction and Tensioning

Applying accurate tension and reaching the desired flatness is the last important and essential step in manufacturing high quality saw blades. We have 5 fully automatic correction and tensioning machines that complete the initial manual hammering by our highly skilled employees. The automatic machinery give us data reports on each product which we share for the benefit of our customers.