Hot and Friction Saw Blades

Small and Medium Blades
       Small and Medium Blades


       Medium and Small Diameter Circular Friction Saw Blades:

       Friction saw blades produced ASBİLEK are designed for cutting of steel tubes and various sectioned        profiles with high peripheral cutting speed under 250 C.

       The standard diameter of saw blades is between 250 to 1250mm (9,85"-49,20") and the maximum        thickness of them is 10mm.For each diameter of saw blades , the material is omium-Vanadium        (80CrV2-DIN 1.2235) steel.Other then this, for up to 1000mm (39,40") diameter,
       Tungsten-Molibdenium (73WCrMoV2-2-DIN 1.2604) steel is used.

       The body of the saw blades are completely hardened and tempered in order to get the hardness of        45+-2HRC and generally, they are taper ground.

       Tooth profiles and the cutting angles are designed according to the type of the saw machine, the        shape and the hardness of the cut material.After a period of time, the tips of the blades are just        sharpened.The cutting operation is carried out in a dry manner.After the cutting operation,        application of greasing prolongs the service life of the saw blades.The ideal peripheral speed        should be applied as 100-140m/sec.